The Best 2-in-1 Duo to Hit the Snack Industry

One morning, when we were on the way to a 6:00 AM collegiate swim practice on a cold, winter morning, we thought of the big idea.

We we were tired, needed a boost of energy, and knew we had practice for the next two hours. 

We didn't want to consume the harsh chemicals of a pre-workout drink, we also didn't want to drink coffee before a swim practice either. 

On top of that, we had empty stomachs-- everyone knows you can't consume caffeine on an empty stomach, especially not before a workout. But, we also didn't want to eat anything too heavy that would weigh us down. 

We thought:

"What if we made a light snack product, that has easily digestible sugars and carbs, that also has a healthy boost of caffeine?"

And, thus, Sigma Snacks was born. 

After researching, we were tired of the only products on the shelves for athletes being ridiculously high in sugar, huge amounts of artificial additives, and chemicals we couldn't even pronounce!  (But yet, athletes are putting those chemicals in their body every day!)

We were tired of being tired and hungry all day. 

We were tired of being in a rush and not having time to have coffee in one hand, and food in the other. 

It was time for a lightly caffeinated snack product to take the industry, and we were baffled it didn't exist! We are always on-the-go, in a rush every second of the day. 

With Sigma Snacks, you can quickly take a bar which will put carbs in your stomach and give you a boost of caffeine at the same exact time.  

The best 2-in-1 duo, in the palm of your hand, to fuel your day!

Started in College

The idea of Sigma Snacks began in a small-town college in Western PA by 6 industry-driven individuals.

Mission Statement

Sigma Snacks is dedicated to providing a new and innovative energy solution into the hands of every athlete, adventurer, and caffeine-enthusiast.