Meet the Team

The five college athletes who started it all!

In January 2022, the idea was created when two college swimmers were on their way to a 6:00 AM practice.

We were hungry, tired, and needed a boost of caffeine to get us through the next two hours of our workout. We wanted something to put in our stomachs, and also give us a healthy boost of caffeine to get us on our feet.

Thus, the idea of Sigma Snacks was born.

Now being sold online nationwide and in several retail locations, we are so passionate to be providing the perfect caffeinated snack for people on-the-go, like how we were in college!

We were so tired of seeing the only products made accessible for athletes at college being high-sugar and chemically-induced energy drinks, with ingredients you can't even pronounce!

Sigma Snacks is pumped to be providing fellow athletes with simple, pure, clean energy to keep them going on their daily grind.

Whether we were college best friends, roommates, or teammates, Sigma Snacks was founded by real people, for real people. We were tired of overpaying for unhealthy sources of caffeine, so we decided to make a change. We're partnering with coffee shops, college convenience stores, gyms, and fitness clubs to share our products with America. We started in a small town, now we're taking our idea to the world!

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